Saturday, December 6, 2014

South Bound for sun and warmth! FLORIDA IS the ''SUNSHINE STATE''!


Now with the holidays are behind us we are free to start rolling south!! YES!!! Dec. 27th we stayed in a "regular" stop over place.....the Flying J in Kenly , N.C. on 95 south.

Dec. 28th we arrive in Myrtle Bch S.Carolina KOA. We would stay for 5 nights. Nice campground with a rustic feel and just two blocks off the ocean made for an easy stroll to the beach! $38 per night are their winter rates although I believe this is the last year the camp will be privately run. KOA will be managing from this point......unless plans had changed.
Of course this was the yr of bitter cold through out the country (except in the Fl keys), so we were wrapped up to walk dogs and had our heater running everyday....not to mention the raw chilling rains that came with the cold!
But we were able to see our friends that live there, Mark and Donna and spend a wonderful New Years Eve celebration with them! Mark is quite the cook!! The "clam/seafood/corn" bake was to die for! Always a great time spent with them!
And the night before leaving the KOA, our friends from Canada, Bonnie and Rick finally made it to their KOA destination! We had finger foods and snacks waiting for them upon their arrival. Short and sweet was our visit. But still happy to have had some time together!

Happy New Year! 2014

Jan 2nd and headed further south in search of warmer weather. A sleep over in south Ga. at a Flying J before making it down to the Vero Bch/ Sabastian Fl area.  SUNSHINE Travel Pk just off 95 is where we'll stay for 6 nights.@ $45 per night, A nice friendly park....lots of park models, older folks,clean, nice pool area, huge dog park and a 15 minute to the bch.  Hoping next year the 'noise' wall along 95 will be completed. As the noise from the interstate was a big downfall.
I met Louise and Walt the year before and was hoping I'd find them there again......and I did! An old couple from N.H., married 66 yrs!! Yes!! You read it write!! I fell in love with this couple. I'd ride down to their park model on my bike with cooler of beer in hand to share with them. She gave me her hand crocheted coasters two yrs in a row! I'll have a full set soon! ;)
We also had a wonderful dinner with our dear friends Lois and Gary ( the ones that bought our Md. house also have a condo in Vero). Bone Fish Grill in Vero Bch! Yummmm!
And last but not least, we were able to catch up with an "old" work friend of mine and his partner from the early 80's, Frank and Ed! They sold their store in Ellicott city Md.,moved to Melbourne Fl. and opened up little shops at the local flea market there.

Hometown at Christmas


Jenn clownin

Cortney and Kenz



Florida with friends

Florida sunset....sunshine state

Only wished I'd taken more photos......

Friday, October 17, 2014

"Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there...." (some may remember that song?)

Well....not on our list of "want to do's" but a Fleetwood Factory visit was inevitable. First a stopover at the Walmart in Fort Wayne for the night as our appt wasn't til tomorrow August 19th. Then onto Decatur, Indiana first thing.....well after coffee and dropping me, Bear and the car off at Petco for a grooming! Noooo not me! Bear. :)
The Factory has yuk memories for me! You park at assigned parking spaces on gravel lot, the techs are at your door to take the coach to shop at 6:00am prompt, there is stale coffee in the waiting room but I can't stay in there because I have a dog! So I stay in a 10 X 10 no window waiting room until I can't stand it any longer and sit outside with dogs on a curb! The rig is brought back after 4:00 pm and it starts over the next day until work is complete. Then before you get to leave, you're handed a LARGE bill! This visit was $6100! And this did not include the removal of 3m and new nose paint at $900! We met a great couple here at the factory! Pat and Jon! We enjoyed having dinner out with them and stay in touch. These guys travel as much as we do! However,they do hold down fort in Port St Lucie west in Florida.
Happy to leave though......except for the fact that on our way out we discover our generator has stopped working! When it rains it pours! We'll get to that later!

It's time to move on! After leaving Decatur In and Rockford Oh. we headed east to visit our very good friends. August 27th and Columbus,Ohio bound! (Sunbury to be exact)

almost bought it

favorite place for eats near fleetwood

Tim ,Pat and John (what were you saying Pat?)

                                                                           OH  OHIO! Here we are!

August 27, 2013 and We arrive at our very good friends, Pam and Ron's later than expected. As we pull into this long driveway and look up to the top, I see Pam, Ron and an entourage! Lol! It was her Mom, two sons, daughter in law, two grandchildren and two girl friends!! ( and the two dogs, Harley and Daisy!) It was wonderful having the opportunity to meet all and to be made to feel like a vip! ;)
Now I feel bad for our tardiness but at least they all had their pizza before it was too cold! 
We felt so very welcomed and enjoyed the company of the friends we love! We toured the business, the area, had a wonderful lunch and even got a golf cart ride around the grounds the next day! A great visit it was!
August 29th and on our way, convoy style, with Pam and Ron in the lead, we start heading south east to meet up with our Florida Keys friends and then some! (well some of them) And Boy was I excited! Deep Creek Lake area/ Swanton, Md......McCloskys, here we come!! Looking forward to seeing all and enjoying 4 fun filled days with wonderful people!

Beautiful home!

a great place to park!

such a decorator that Pam!

a back yard to love!

"follow the yellow brick road" (ok not yellow)

Tim and Harley relax

Not stocked

So at home!

time for cocktails!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sept1,2013 and we're headed home to Maryland to see family and friends!

...But first a stop in Frederick, Md. to visit Bob and Lettie, my brother and sister-in -law. We parked along the road near the dead end on their street and that's where we'd stay the night after some wine and eats with good company.
Sept. 2nd we would park at our friends farm. They have been so welcoming to us. If it wasn't for Kelly and Kim, we wouldn't have anywhere close enough to stay in order to see family and friends without traveling long distances. We are very grateful  to them!

Sept.6th we would join our ex military friends at a private military campground near Solomons ,Md. Not open to public, we were fortunate to be invited to spend 8 days/9 nites with good friends, Jerry and Sandy. Joining us was David, Lorraine and Sam and Joan. A nice time and still close to family and friends. At $18 per night, aside from no sewer hook up, the amenities were awesome! The grounds were gorgeous and being on the River is always a plus! Even a kayak ride on the river with my granddaughter, Braeden!
By Sept 15th, we were back on The Farm where we would stay until Sept.26th when we would head north to meet up with more close friends in New Hampshire.

                                             NEW HAMPSHIRE /NEW ENGLAND in the fall!!

After a stop at a truck stop in Port Tervis, N.Y. for the night, we'd continue onward to New Hampshire and arrive at Debbie and Steve's in Hampstead on the afternoon of Sept 27th. A beautiful house on a beautiful lake! The dogs play and swim freely and are exhausted by days end! We always love coming here!
Three days there to wait for Steve's dentist appt.before we could convoy together into the New Hampshire Mtns near the Saco River. Ohhhh fall foliage was going to be gorgeous!! The campground we stayed in was the Saco River Campground. Right next to downtown North Conway and The Saco River! The dogs love hiking the trail to the river and I LOVE  N. Conway!! I've been here before and have taken the old cog railway up the White Mountains, and have been to Castle in the Clouds and have toured Lake Winnipesaukee and Meredith. And I would go again and again! $47 per nite is a bit pricey but for a few days its worth being close to everything.
Camping side by side with Debbie and Steve is always fun but on Oct.5th we would part ways and pull anchor to head west to Vermont. The foliage is as beautiful as I've ever seen! The colors just painted the backdrops along the roads! We arrive in Vermont at Lake Dumore Kamperville Resort in Salsbury,Vermont that same evening. We'd stay there to be near Middlebury and visit with a nephew and family. Rustic but nice with a great public store at the entrance and a pool that looks fun if you went in season! The street passes thru the property that is also owned by the camp that is lakefront beach and watersport fun! Appears to be a great family place to camp. At $37 per nite we found a three night stay brought us into a pretty travel day to leave and watch the foliage slowly do its thing!

Oct 8th and a stop at the Flying J just north of Scranton, Pa. for the night. The plan was to visit with good friends Kim and Jon in Andover, N.J. (More Keys Friends!)
We would check into the Panther Lake Camp Resort in Andover Township early the next day. Did I tell you how pretty it was to drive through the Delaware Gap?! Wow!
Anyway, our visit with our friends was soooo relaxing and nice! Kim made a wonderful meal of stuffed shells and salad with bread and we, of course, drank much wine! Kim and I love our VINO!!
Memerable and fun! Glad we took the time to stop!

Oct.10th and headed south thru Delaware. We were hoping to visit with more good friends, in fact these are the friends that convinced us that rv'g was the way to travel back in 2004 when we bought our first coach! However, unfortunately Al was out of town and a visit would not happen this time through. Before diverting to Maryland, I received a call that my sister's mother-in-law had passed who happened to live in Selbyville ,De, So Selbyville, here we come! We were close families for 42 years of my life and I wanted to be there. We checked in to Treasure Bch Camp Resort just of the Md/De line where it would rain cats and dogs for several days!! At $54 per night and an electric post that needed fixing....ugh! We and the dogs danced through the puddles as they filled and filled with rain water! I thought we'd need to start bldg. an ark! But I was happy that we had the time and opportunity to spend this  family time together. It was good being with the Prices!

Oct 14th and we're headed back over the  Chesapeake Bay Bridge and back to the Farm in Prince Frederick,Md. where we'll stay until the 28th of Dec. Christmas with family this year! :)

White House/lots of square footage!

U.S. capitol

The Capitol Christmas Tree

a family tradition at the holidays


Grandkids plus more family

cousin craziness

Deb and Steve

Deb and Reggie

Beck was meant to fish

the homestead in hampstead N.H.

Dinner with the Dean's


Jon and Desi

Hostess with the mostess, Kim

The Deans  N.J.

The Infamous McClosky Pig Roast! ( I, being a vegetarian, prefer "Barn Party")

PIG Roast Barn Parties are fun but the McClosky's parties take the cake!! Oh what fun it is as we all start rolling in in our comes the Glaziers, Parkers, Deans, Grahams, more McCloskys and more! Charley has dug out a hill for all to park with views of rolling hills that are to die for!! June and Charley and family make all feel so welcome! We'll all chip in and help getting things set up for the BIG bash on the coming Saturday! The music, the food, the people, the fun.....oh what fun! Who said that the bouncy house and the climbing wall were just for kids?!  What happens in Swanton, stays in Swanton! ;) Did I mention 2013's theme was tie dye?
We hate to say "so long"! Though we know we'll be together again, in February, in the Florida Keys where we all met! ( or most met)
Sugarloaf KOA, watch out!!                                        BTW, I did not post the incriminating photos ;)

The girls

did I get their attention

our generator but wait?! Pam & Ron's gen.died too!

Deans residence (left)

then went the neighborhood! ;) Parkers, Glaziers and Grahams

Tim and Becker steal a golf cart!
Oh and That's a McClosky back there


coming together

get to work Al!

dance floors in place!

the boss, Max keeps an eye on everyone

Bear knows the crumbs are yet to fall

Saturday, October 11, 2014

No Schedule Allows For Changes!

August 7th, 2013 and Heading east and knowing we'd be in Decatur, Indiana on August 19th, gave us more time to explore the topside of this beautiful country! And to see places we hadn't seen before. So we drove til we got to Austin, Minnesota to bed down for the night at the Walmart. The next morning, while having our coffee we decided that we'd drive due east until we had to turn right or left!
We'd heard so much about Michigan in summer, through our travel, so Michigan bound it was! We arrived in a little town called Marinetta, Wisconsin. ( Not far from Green Bay) and decided to get groceries and bed down in the Walmart parking lot. (Yes, now two nights in a row at Walmarts and I'm really feeling like a gypsy!) The good thing is that's what these motorhomes are great for! They are totally self sufficient with generator, fresh water, kitchens, etc. and it's great to put them to good use once in a while! :) Plus the cost of $$ saved in campground costs!
Aug.9th and we're heading north along Lake Michigan and into the Upper Peninsula (UP)! Feeling like the middle of nowhere, we decide to check in to the first place we came upon, Whitefish Hill Rv Resort. @$44 per night we found it pricey! A beautiful old red barn housed the office, lounge, bathhouse and laundry! The old house our front is where the owners family lived. Clean, small, friendly but in the middle of nowhere and no pool! 1 night is all we booked.
Aug 10th, driving around the top side of the lake, we stumble upon a State Park called Fayette St Pk in Garden, Mi. and did we hit the jackpot!! With only a few sights that would fit a 40' motorhome we got lucky! We waited for the folks to check out to get our sight and a great site it was! Now, there were places to get water and no sewer hook up. Only electric was available. But we had a full tank of fresh water and an empty waste tank so we were good to go! At  $32 per night for a big rig, it was just fine with us!The aroma of campfires reminded me of the rustic camping we'd do as a kid with my family! Love those memories! This park and campground boarders Lake Michigan with a beach and boat ramps. And on the other side lies the old historic town of Fayette, Open to the public to tour, this town dates back to 1867 and emptied out in 1891. It was built to produce iron ore/pig iron. The bldgs. have been preserved and/or re constructed to preserve the history. Blgs are open to public and the old town sits on the north west end of Lake Michigan! A gorgeous view over the water! Worth the visit! Be sure to check out the event schedule. Many fun events are held there!
Though we tried to extend with no luck, on August 12th we pulled anchor and headed east. St Igance, Mi. bound. We arrived that evening and checked into the Tiki Rv Pk. (And I have no idea why this name? Nothing resembled thatched roofs, beaches and planters punches!) But privately owned by an old couple, this rustic little camp was just in town and offered easy access to Main St and the ferry's that carried you to Mackinac Island. At $30 per night, it was fine with us. There is also a state pk along the Lake just north east of the Mackinac Bridge. Had we known about this, we may have chosen to stay there. Not only was it waterfront but the sunsets were just outstanding form here! Straits St Pk.
I hear the northern lights over the city here can be amazing!! But typically winter time when folks with thin blood head south! ;) The little city is nice with shops and restaurants. (the T shirt/ souvenir shops could go in my opinion) And Mackinac Island is worth the ferry trip there! Plan a day of it and enjoy the horse tours as they are knowledgeable about the history of the island. There are no autos on the island. Only bicycles and horse and buggy. In fact, all supplies and shipments to all stores/merchants are shipped in from town and placed on cargo buggies and delivered to recipients.
I was happy to learn that the horses are purchased from the Amish and given a much better life here.
August 15th and headed south, over the Mackinac Bridge to a little town called Petoskey, where we stumbled upon another State Park campground!! Yes, right in downtown Petoskey, Mi.! BUT only to find out they were booked! ;(  When we were offered to park on the grass in the tent area with NO hookups, we took it! This place lie right on the Lake! An hour after parking the motorhome, two woman pull in and start setting up tent camp. Next we were all sipping wine together! ( it was ending up to be a great birthday!) Vickie and Julie were only a small part of what was to come! This was an annual weekend reunion planned with a dozen of their friends who were to show up with their tents the next day! A bunch of crazy 50+ yr old friends with a history....and we were welcomed with open arms! Wow! What fun with good folks! When the office got a cancelation on a full hook up site, we turned it down!  We were just fine right where we were! :)
Bike rights with everyone to a music fest. right in town, gathering around the campfire that evening after a big food celebration......but mostly getting to know these new and wonderful friends! This was what I needed!
We explored Charlevoix, a little town just 30 minutes south of Petoskey. Reminded me of a little Annapolis! Clean, a beautiful harbor, stores and eateries....a great town to visit! Be sure to drive into the neighborhoods and see the "mushroom" houses this area is known for. Ask any local. They will tell you where to find them. There is also another town around the north side of Petoskey called Harbor Springs that is a vacation spot for many. This resort area offers many places to rent and is along the lake as well.
I am so glad we took this opportunity to explore the state of Michigan and will visit again one day. But this time I will tour the UP more, including Sault Ste Marie and the lox.
sunset from Fayette St Pk
View from historic ghost town

boat ramp at Fayette St Pk Campground

our site Fayette St Pk

Love sunflowers!

sun light dances on historic bldg

Flowers everywhere!

St Ignace and the Mackinac Island Ferry

Just because I liked this photo

the Mackinac Bridge to the mainland

the Inn on Mackinac Island

view of island coming into port

Mackinac Island Main St


The Inn close up

Take a tour on horse back

or tour by buggy



shopping in Petoskey

no filters!

more shopping

sunsets from camp in Petoskey

Add caption

view of camp from water

new friends

Mushroom house

mushroom house

mushroom house

mushroom house

downtown Charlevoiux

equipped with little theatre

one of my favorite things! house next to camp had its mini library!

friends setting up camp dining area

can you see our rig in the tent section! ;)

feast time

sunset at the music fest!

opening music

later that night....

just because its sweet

Add caption

....just beacause

Add caption

coming into St Ignace

happy hour

Whitefish Campground office + in Rapid River,Mi

historic hotel in Fayette St Pk

a stone house near Petoskey that Tim wanted to buy!

the house near camp in Petoskey that offered the mini library